Rikers Island Discharge Enhancement Program

NYC Department of Corrections (NYDOC) – Rikers Island Discharge Enhancement Program

POSITION:  The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Trained and facilitated workshops inside Rikers Island Eric M. Taylor Detention Center in an effort to help inmates preparing for release learn how to utilize internet technology and acquire the skills necessary to find employment.

SUMMARY:  The Rikers Island Discharge Enhancement (RIDE) program was created in 2004 to assist people returning to the five boroughs of New York City from the Rikers Island jail.

The Rikers Island Discharge Enhancement (RIDE) program included an in-jail component during which participants worked with one of several nonprofit community-based service providers as well as 90 days of post-release service provision.

Each participant in the RIDE program was assigned to a case manager who tracked their progress, provided guidance and support, and helped connect them to the services they needed. During the study period, there were three service providers working with participants before and after their release: the Osborne Association, Samaritan Village, and the Women’s Prison Association.

Though these organizations provided a full range of services to inmates, they primarily focused on employment, substance abuse, and reentry issues specific to women.

Source:  The New York Times