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The WEF Clarion Call: A Breakdown of ‘The Great Reset’

Steven Guinness

Last month I posted an article that looked at the World Economic Forum as the institution behind ‘The Great Reset‘ agenda that was launched in June. One of the main themes of the article was the WEF’s ‘Strategic Intelligence platform’, which the organisation describe as ‘a dynamic system of contextual intelligence that enables users to trace relationships and interdependencies between issues, supporting more informed decision-making‘.

As I made reference to, Strategic Intelligence is the mechanism which brings all the interests that the WEF focus on together. This includes specific countries and industries, as well as global issues like Covid-19 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

When you look into Strategic Intelligence, one aspect to it that quickly becomes apparent is how each global issue and industry intertwines with one another. For instance, Covid-19 is a strand of ‘The Great Reset‘ and vice versa. What…

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Imagining Cyclocross in Long Beach

I learned how how to ride a bike before I learned how to walk.  I have spent over half of my life riding up and down the San Gabriel river bike path between Norwalk and Seal Beach.

There was a time when I was, let’s just say, more ambitious of a bicyclist than I am today.  Back in the day I would put in thousands of miles riding my bike throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.  I have experienced the rash of the road along with the debilitating strain of a pulled Achilles tendon, however, nowadays, my tires are thicker, and the blisters on my saddle are fewer and farther between, as I evolve out of the maverick days of road biking, to the more modest days of today of simply going for a Sunday ride…

This morning I decided to ride to El Dorado Park in Long Beach and check out the track they use for road bike racing during the summers.  I was recently thinking about my evolution as a road cyclist, and came to the realization that as I evolve as a bicyclist, meaning as I work to find ways to age gracefully on a bike, I am starting to really enjoy riding on gravel and hard-pack dirt trails just as much as on the road, however, some of the challenges with off-roading it is that you lose some of the features and fun you get from strictly road biking, which for starters, is speed, and typically, on a cyclocross bike you are working with wider tires due to traction needs on softer tracks, so with the wider tires, you lose speed every time you transition onto pavement.  There is also the weight of the bike, as a cyclocross bikes will run you a bit heavier because of disc braking and the need for a bulkier frame strength.


My current bike is a a hybrid of two different bikes.  I had an aluminum frame road bike which I put several thousands of miles finally crack on me near the seat post, so instead of scrapping the road bike completely, I took this smaller mountain bike frame that had 26″ rims and hybridized it with the road bike components, putting the 700’s from my road bike on along with 700×32 tires to give it that beefier cyclocross feeeel.

Finally, I pulled the mountain bike braking system off and replaced it with the Shimano component set on my road bike, and hence, cyclocross.

Turnstiles On LA Metro Platforms

We were talking about biking and the use of public transportation in Los Angeles; and how to improve it, and I would agree that the matter of improving the public transit system is a huge one here in Los Angeles.

There are a number of challenges in terms of ridership and perception, or stigmas for that matter, so what might be a good start is using turnstiles on metro light rail platforms.

When I would ride the Blue Line into LA some people would abuse the honor system and just ride for free with impunity, which compromises the safety and quality of rider experience, and ultimately is resulting in less than favorable ridership numbers, along with a deeply ingrained negative perception of public transit in LA.

So, to reiterate, turnstiles at all Metro light rail platforms in Los Angeles (as deemed appropriate) would be a good start. #lametro #longbeach #losangeles #metro #blueline